For organizations

We create a relevant experience for your employees, by providing a personalized conversation through artificial intelligence. A dialogue that helps them reflect on what steps they could take to thrive at work.

Experiencing more positive emotions, upping engagement, improving quality of relationships, seeking out meaning and keeping focus are important ingredients to thrive at work.

We're making it easier for your employees to embrace fresh habits, leading to personal growth and happiness. The results for your organization are higher productivity, smooth collaboration and better retention.

And at the same time your can monitor the engagement, vitality and stress levels in your organization and act upon it.

Best practices

Monitoring and stimulating the energy, engagement and resilience during a major move of an organizational devision of 400 people. Helping them to reflect on important issues, giving tiny advices when things are not going that well and asking if the level of support is convenient for them.

Creating a continuous conversation with the people in our organization on the topics of engagement, energy, vitality and stress. Generating a dashboard to have meaningful conversations on happiness and vitality at work. Creating data to enrich HR-strategy formation and real-time feedback to check effectiveness.

Having daily coaching dialogues with remote and self-organizing employees on tiny habits that increase happiness and productivity. And to keep track of engagement, vitality, energy and necessary support to keep them in flow. Having a dashboard to know how people are doing allowing management to facilitate flow and happiness.